Namibian Dream PLQ2

Namibian Dream PLQ2

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Designer: Marie Penkethmen

Anyone privileged enough to have seen African zebras roaming in the wild will have realised immediately just how symbolic the sight can be.  A whole herd of magnificent animals, each the size of a horse, moving together in black and white harmony.  Each depends on the other, just as everyone working at Moorcroft depends on someone else to carry out their own particular tasks in the best way possible.  Designers depend on fine tubelining and accurate painting – I could go on.  Whether she is working with her computer to enter production and trialling data, or whether her deft hand is producing some of the best tubelining ever to emerge from Moorcroft, or whether she is adapting the designs of others onto new shapes, or whether she is herself creating the occasional  design of exceptional quality, Marie Penkethman is always in the middle of it all, whatever may be happening at the Works.

Putting a herd of Namibian zebras onto a large Moorcroft plaque can have been no easy task – a task which would have been made any designer turn pale at the thought.  Marie succeeded with that same friendly smile which makes you feel so good whenever you see it during the working day.  The truth is that whatever Marie sets out to do, she does it well and she does it cheerfully.

Production at Moorcroft is rather like one of those wonderful and inexpensive Factory Tours which any Moorcroft collector or potential collector can book on-line or by phoning.  The tour goes round in one of those Moorcroft circles, starting in the museum at the Works and finishing in the heart of the Heritage Visitor Centre.  In between, a guest will see everything which Moorcroft can do so well, and that includes, Marie’s wonderful smile.  Truly part of the Circles of Life at Moorcroft, Namibian Dream is a picturesque, serene, happy and inter-dependent family of zebras, just like the family which is Moorcroft today.